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Gurukkals of Lubaina Kalari

Abdullakutty Gurukkal

Lubaina Kalari Founder

Lubaina Kalari has history of centuries and the current Kalari was established by the late Abdullakutty Gurukkal in 1959. Abdullakutty Gurukkal was born in 1941 in the Palakkad district of Kerala and he started his kalari practice in the age of 4 from his father. He then continued his practise under his uncle Kunju Muhammad Gurukkal and then under the Veteran Ponnani Bappu Gurukkal who was known as the king of Kerala Kalarippayattu. He mastered in the central style Kalarippayatuu under Bappu Gurukkal and then moved to Batkal, Karnataka to learn the Tulu techniques of Kalarippayattu under Abduk Khadar Gurukkal. He established the Lubaina Kalari at Thalassery, Kerala. when he was 18 and then started the branches across Kerala. After starting a number of branches in northern Kerala he then decided to run the Kalari only in the district of Ernakulam and started Kalari branches across the district. In a time span of 40 years he earned more than 5000 disciples and the Father of Indian Karate Moses Thilak is one among them. When he was 58, After 40 years as Kalari Gurukkal he passed away in 1999.

Abdul Jaleel Gurukkal

The master of kalari

Abdul Jaleel Gurukkal was born in 1966 in the Palakkad district of Kerala.He has been trained in the traditional Kalaripayattu of the central style for around 25 years and conducting regular Kalaripayattu classes in Ernakulam for the past 20 years. He is from a Kalaripayattu family where his father and forefathers are veterans of Kalarippayatu and Marma Chikilsa. He took Over the Lubaina Kalari after his father veteran Abdullkutty Gurukkal. He started his Kalari practice in the age of 4 under his father and then trained under Beeran Gurukkal, Edappal Hassan Gurukkal and Valapattanam Hassankutti Gurukkal. He is the current Kalari Asan(trainer) in the Regional Sports Centre, Ernakulam. He is also specialised in Orthopaedic and neuromuscular treatment based on the vital points using the special ayurvedic medicines formulated by his forefathers.

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Benefits Of Kalaripayattu

Kalaripayattu is a complete art

Kalaripayattu is a complete art and the training given in the Kalari is incomparable to any of other arts and sports forms.

Boosting the Metabolism

Kalaripayattu helps in boosting the metabolism and improve your immunity.

Energise your body and mind

Kalaripayattu helps Energise your body and mind

Traditional Kerala culture.

Kalaripayattu is the symbol of traditional Kerala culture.

Self-Confidence and Mental Ability

Kalaripayattu increases your Self-Confidence and Mental Ability.

Improve your Concentration

Kalaripayattu Improve your Concentration

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