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Our Kalari Treatments

Kalari treatment are based on the pressure points (Marma points) on the body using various Ayurvedic Oils, pastes and herbs made by Jaleel Gurukkal, which he inherited from his forefathers. Helps to improves the physical stability and health by improving blood circulation and the working of muscles, veins and nerves in the body. Kalari: Keep away from the life style diseases. Learn the art of self-defence. Energise your body and mind. Improve your self-confidence and mental agility.

Back pain (IVDP)

Traditional Kalari Massage relieves the body from aches and muscular pains and also provides physical relaxation and rejuvenation.

Tennis elbow(Elbow joint pain)

Kalari for centuries have been treating for such ailments for its warriors on the field. In modern days, this treatment increases a person's body flexibility and physical endurance and make him ready for different forms of arts and sports.

Cervical Spondylosis

Cervical spondylosis are mostly life style related. Kalari Massage helps the body to revive itself and help the patients with methods to avoid reoccurrence.


This kalari massage is whole body treatment done in general to keep body fit and free of diseases.

Osteoarthritis(Knee Pain)

Kalari treatment increases a person's body flexibility and physical endurance through application to marma points ,to relieve pain from knees and similar parts.

Dislocation of legs,hands,shoulders,Knees

Kalari has its own age old practice for treating it's warriors of dislocation of legs,hand, shoulder and knees; followed by massage to rejuvenate the effected part.

Whole body pain

Special course of treatment is under taken of which mostly includes steam bath to detox and massage to increase blood flow to relieve pain

Steam bath

This is an ancient method to open up pores hidden in the skin and to help body relieve itself from toxins that gets accumulated in body over a period of time.Special herbs are used during stem bath to help body regain its youthfulness.