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About Our Classes

Kalaripayttu is a precious gift by the ancient martial art tradition to the arts and sports culture in Kerala. Kalari is the symbol of traditional Kerala culture. It takes a life time to understand and practise this art form, however due to the demands of the modern times we have distinguised and formulated few short term courses for enthusiastic students from all part of the globe. Kalaripayattu is divided into following Maythari(conditioning of the body), Kolthari(control of stick/Bo staff), Ankathari(Weapon training), Verum Kai(free hand combact). These are further subdivided into detailed segments.

1 Koota Chuvadu One Month Basic training and combinations of various moves combined into one capsule
2 Neduvadi Payattu One Month Basic training and introduction of stick/Bo staff and its application
3 Locks One Month Basic training and introduction of various locks to quickly and effectively disable the enemy
4 Kalari Yoga 2 months Basic training and various yoga posters incorporated within Kalaripayattu.
5 Maythari-Kolthari-Angathari 6 months Basic training .Body conditioning. Introduction to stick/ Bo staff. Introduction to weapon training
6 Regular Classes 1 year Phase 1
7 Regular Classes 3 years Phase 2
8 Regular Classes 5 years Phase 1 & Phase 2
9 Regular Classes 10 years Masters

Self Defence Classes for Ladies: Self Defence Classes for all Ages(5-50 Years), Basic Self training to tackle real life situations